Creative Habit Project: Final Post

So this is my last post for the creative habit project. I made five more plants to add to my project and I took all the plants that I favored the most and presented them as a paper garden

Day 1:


I referenced this plant from a starfish. I wanted to make my plants this week inspired by animals. I like a lot of sea animal species so I was very happy with the plants I made.


This is what it looks like when its cut out and folded.

Day 2:


This plant isn’t inspired by an animal but it is more so like a real plant than the other ones I made this week.


This is what this one looks like when it’s popped up.

Day 3:


I decided to go with a longer plant today.


This plant is like a super skinny version of a broccoli like plant.

Day 4:


This plant is inspired by the many sea shells that i have at home. I collect them.


This is what it looks like cut out.

Day 5:


I made this one based off of an octopus I drew for my Cafe sketch class.

Here is the final layout of all the plants that I favored the most from this project:


These are the materials I used when I started putting it all together. (above)





Creative Habit Project

Ok so this week I’ve decided to go even more abstract with this week’s plants. Instead of looking at real life plants for reference I’ve decided to look at objects instead. Ive created some weird shapes with these flowers but still tried to maintain a plant- like theme at the same time.

Day 1:

I call this the windmill flower. I looked at old windmill’s for reference. The blades that you normally see on the windmill are what make up the petals on this plant.


I made a total of five for this plant. I did different sizes again.

Day 2:

I decided to do another leaf plant, but like I’m said for this week I’m making it more abstract. I decided to draw grass within the stem section of the leaf. I opened it up and almost cut out another plant inside of it.


I also made a total of five for this plant as well. This is all I have for this week

Creative Habit project


This week I took some of the advice given to me  during last week’s critique. I had some leftover Matte paper from last year that I found and used that for the plants I made. The thickness of the paper definitely made it easier to cut the small parts of the plants I drew out. Due to this past weeks weather I was able to go outside more and I found a lot of good references for my plants in my front yard.


There are a bunch of clovers in front and on the side of my apartment. They are actually one of my favorite plants in real life because of the relation to my birth month, so I wanted to create a clover plant.


I decided to make three of these total to complete today’s work.



I love this plant sooooo much!!! Its like a spiky sea urchin flower! Last week I wanted to make a spiky-like plant but I couldn’t come up with one. But I did today so AWESOME!!!!!!


It looks weird when it’s flat but it looks soooo much better when its cut out and the pieces are folded up. It’s official, I’m calling this one the spiked urchin. I actually want to make more of these for the final so stay tuned!!!



I decided to go with a long plant today cause I want to incorporate more long plants into this since I already have a lot of small plants. I really like this a lot too.


This one actually took longer to cut because it has a lot of parts. I tried to stand this plant up but it flops over so either for the final I’ll present it like that or maybe I’ll use wire to hold it up. (Still undecided) I made two for this day.



I decided to go more abstract with this one. I call this the whirl-flower. I also changed it up a bit by taking the outline part of the flower and folding it upward to make it more interesting.

I ended up doing two of these. One is medium sized, and the other is a little bit larger. This one was one of the harder ones to draw out. But it came out ok to me.


I had a lot of fun with this plant. I call it diamond grass. It is the skinniest plant I’ve made so far. I drew three diamonds and all of them are folded from front to middle to back.

I had one of my friends stand them up next to each other to see how it would look. I made a total of four of the diamond grass plants. This is the most plants I’ve made so far in a day. When I make more long plants I hope to make multiples of them which will make them look better as a whole.

This concludes my plants for this week.

Creative Habit Project


My final idea last week for this project was to create paper flowers and plants. Depending on what design I had for a plant I decided that I would make 2 or 3 plants per day. For some days I did 3 because of the time and also because of the size of the plant.


This is the first plant I cut out. It is supposed to be a type of leaf but I may turn it in to something else. I wanted it to have holes in it because it seems unnatural. I also have a reference for this plant.

Hole leaf plant

This is a photo of a plant that I took when I went to the Franklin Park Conservatory to draw.

This is the second plant I cut out. It is a flower. I decided to give it a curvy look and instead of having five petals I gave it 4.

This is the second flower I made. The petals are more sharp and narrow than the one before. I wanted this one to be completely different from the one before by giving it a type of triangle look. This one concludes the plants for day 1.

Day 2:

I went with more flowers and decided to go for more rounded shapes. I love tropical flowers so I wanted to go for a more tropical look. I didn’t use any reference for these.

Since these flowers came out smaller than Day 1’s I decided to do three of these. Instead of making them the same size I cut them from small to large. This concludes day 2

Day 3:

This is the plant I have for Day 3. I actually have a name for it: Whiskered Cat-Lotus. I intended to have whiskers on this one and have them curve under the flower. I’m still debating whether or not to close the middle petals to form a bud or leave them open.


I decided to make a bigger version of the flower in contrast to the small one.

Day 4:

For day four I decided to do a weird leaf like plant similar to the leaf  I made on Day 1 but make it more-so like an actual plant.

I really liked this plant a lot so i decided to do two more of this one but different sizes.

Day 5:

For this next plant I wanted to do a really weird shape. So I thought of a windmill like form and created: the Windmill flower

I created another windmill flower to keep the other one company. I added a really long flower to this group of flowers to mix up the variety. P.S. (you can actually throw the windmill flowers and they will fly a good distance like ninja stars!)


Creative Habit Project


For this new project I was debating between doing sketches or creating 3-D paper art. I finally decided to go with paper art because it is something that I’ve done before but mostly as an experiment for a project. After using paper as a medium for the first time I became more fascinated with it. I had planned to create more paper art  but due to my classwork I couldn’t really focus on it. I definitely wanted to go back into it and push my technique even further if I got the chance and today is my lucky day!


9b8fd3447cdcbd3eb24ebe25f336865a Nahoko Kojima!!!!

There are two paper artists that inspire me a lot and one of them is Nahoko Kojima. She has a very unique cutting style with paper that is insane. The amount/level of detail that she cuts into her pieces makes me cry. It is truly incredible how she is able to do such intricate work!


This is one of her pieces titled: Byaku (It’s a polar bear walking). When she makes her works she cuts them out on one, big, sheet of paper. I have a huge respect for her as an artist because of her hard work and I even have a great love for paper art as a whole because of what she does. She has inspired me to explore the world of paper.

Here are a some photos I documented for my paper  that I did last year.


This is actually what it originally looked like when I first started cutting it out


This is the beginning stages of me cutting out the final. I printed the final in color and it is now sitting in one of the galleries in the Design Studios on Broad.


The idea that I have is to make a cutout illustration of a scene of moments that I have captured on my camera and turn it into a cubicle like display. I will draw out the scene, within a square and cutout pieces of it until it shows the desired picture and then continue it on 3 more squares so it looks like a story drawn on a cube. (Stories on Cubes)

This is an example of a photo that I could illustrate with paper:

Nature 2IMG_0525

Pipeline Project


This is my last blog for the Pipeline project. A lot has happened up until now so I’m going to do a quick recap of what this project is about. Our class was split into two groups based on two projects that got the most votes: a school calendar, and a martial arts film. I chose the group doing the martial arts film. At the beginning I was going to play one of the characters, but after the story had been changed me and a couple of other members were scrapped from the overall script.


My current role in the group is being in charge of the group blog. Throughout the project though I was the official photographer for the team. I would go to the film sites and capture photos of the scenes being shot as well as the actors while they were practicing choreography.

The story exposes two brothers, Matt & Judah, who are fighters, to the real world. Matt gets kidnapped by a masked villain who then sends out a warning to Judah. Judah is then sent across the city to find and rescue him but runs into the villain’s henchwoman. He eventually fights his way through and makes his way to the big boss where he fights for both him and  his brother’s life. It’s an epic showdown. Only one will win this fight and the other will fall. Who will rise?  Find out in “Fist of the Falling Phoenix!!!!”

Me & Em

Before the final cuts were made to the story and the film, I originally was supposed to play one of the side characters. My character was the best friend of the two brothers and she was a fierce boxer. My character was supposed to fight the original two henchmen played by Em & Christabell. We practiced the choreography for the fight for a while but we eventually got it right.

photo for pers. blog

This past week though we’ve been editing and finishing up everything for the final cut of the film. I got to go to the sound booth and capture Dean and Em working on the voice dubbing for her character’s scene. It was hysterical but they got it done. Zach was also there overseeing everything. The rest of our group has been working on movie posters to advertise the film. We are expecting to have them printed out in color.

Finally to conclude this final blog post for this project I posted the last post for the group blog yesterday so I can’t wait for our group to present it to the class. The entire film is on there and it is 4 min. and 52 sec. long. I’ve already watched it myself and I’m impressed so I hope you will be as well.

If you want to see our group blog search for: PhoenixFist on and check it out. It’s been a blast doing this project and I intend to collaborate more with my team on film projects very soon so keep a lookout on youtube. That’s all for this project so enjoy our film!!!


Peace out till next time! I’ll try to make a cameo appearance in another short film soon so watch out!!!



































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































PipeLine Project

This week I have worked on fixing our group blog with our other group blogger Shawn. With his help we filled in missing information about our group as well as get our blog up to date. Me and Shawn sat down and talked about our template for the blog and who was posting what. Shawn designed our Phoenix Fist logo for our group digitally and I incorporated it into the Team section of the group blog.

I’m the blogger in the group who organizes the photos for our group and posts them on the blog. If we are filming out a scene, I am required to take pictures of every thing that goes on. In other words I am the paparazzi of the group. If I can’t attend the shooting of a scene then I will ask the production team members (Dean and Zach) to take pictures. Then when they are done they will email me the pictures that they take.